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Factory Service

MB Khursid fabriction

We are the pioneer Industrial Shed Manufacturer in Delhi that is engaged in Factory Shed Fabricators in Delhi and supply that is required by the factories worldwide. We use high-grade raw material while fabricating sheds demanded by the various industrial factories.

Our fabricated sheds are easy to install and are manufactured by the specific customer’s requirement. Our factory sheds fabricate as per the standard dimension and we create modular designs that are highly spacious and high endurance. Furthermore, they also include the most considerable feature of corrosion resistance.

We serve various industries for Shed Fabrication services in Delhi including, Factory Shed, Commercial Shed, Industrial Shed, Warehouse Shed. If you are looking for any of these services then Khurshid Fabrication is the is the ideal place for you.

We offer prefabricated shed, industrial shed fabrication, factory shed, and various other services at the most affordable costs. We provide flexibility in our work and if required then customized to the client’s needs sometimes.

Our manufactured sheds have the space-efficient design, high structural strength, corrosion resistant finish, and can withstand even in the adverse temperatures and extreme weather conditions.

Along with the superior quality material we utilize modern techniques to provide the standard results and supply these factory sheds in a promised time frame without any delay. Factory shed manufactured at Khurshid Fabrication has long working life as it lasts for longer period of time with no tear.